Recruitment is a lot less stressful if you're prepared for the days to come! Here's a little overview of what each day of Recruitment will look like in the Alpha Phi house.

day 1

meet the greeks

Get to know us and let us get to know you!

day 2


Learn a little about the American Heart Association and show us what you're passionate about!

day 3


House tours! Let us show you how our sisters make this house feel like our home.

day 4

preference night

Get a glimpse of Alpha Phi's ritual and strengthen your bonds with us. Tonight you make your decision!

day 5

Bid day!

Celebrate with your new sisters! Welcome home 

Quick Tips

Be yourself! We want to get to know the real you, don't be afraid to show off your beautiful and unique self!

Get serious rest! This week is full of long days and late nights, so make sure you're getting plenty of sleep and taking care of yourself.

Utilize your Recruitment Counselors! You will be guided through the week by your RC, who has been trained by Panhellenic to ensure you have the best week possible. 

Have fun! This is the most important rule. You'll be making a big decision this week, but hopefully it will be an easy one. Remember, we're more nervous than you are!

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